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i-CONIC IMAGES specialises in selling high quality video content packaged as short clips, from 20 seconds to 1 minute, adjusted to the length of the ad spots, which can be dropped straight into any play-list. They serve to entertain and inform the customer, making the overall programme more palatable, so that the ad message stands out and actually does get noticed.

We also supply short format (3-5 minutes) and long format (10-25 minutes) programmes for use in Digital Out Of Home and Internet applications.

Anyone operating in the world of Digital Signage, Digital TV, Closed–Circuit TV Networks, Narrowcasting or more generally, Digital Out Of Home. Typically, our customers are creative agencies & systems integrators responsible for the programming & running of networks, whether they be in the retail sector, (including banking, hotels & restaurants, airports, transport etc.) or in the corporate sector (in-house networks used for corporate communications, or entertainment, such as hotel custom TV channels).

Our pre-edited clips can be inserted between ad spots to enhance the value of the on-screen experience. Given the relatively short dwell times in retail environments, most popular formats are 20 seconds and 60 seconds, but series of any duration can be made available on request.

For in-house networks, such as those used for corporate communications or any form of custom TV channels, we are developing various series of short programmes of 3 – 5 minutes in length. Some networks are now also seeking what are effectively regular TV programmes of 10 – 25 minutes.

The increased capacity of high-speed broadband makes it easier to use HD. We are seeing a growing demand for this format and are building up our catalogue accordingly. Aerials & time-lapse shots are currently the most popular.



It’s tempting to fill your screens with wall-to-wall advertising. After all, your loop is quite short and advertising helps to pay the bills. But, is it really such a good idea ?

Don’t forget that customers enter an outlet for a variety of reasons - but the one thing that they certainly didn’t come in for is to be advertised at!  They may form a ‘captive audience’ but only for as long as they actually look at the screens.

No one would listen to a Radio or watch a TV station that was 100% ads.

Just as TV programmes need short ad breaks to fund the programmes, screen-based media need short ‘content-breaks’ to make the advertising digestible. All successful ad-supported media (Radio, TV & Press) result from a healthy balance between editorial and advertising.